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Cause the air conditioner is not cold and only comes out

Many things that become the cause of AIR CONDITIONING hot, just out of the wind. We will discuss the factors the causes of AIR CONDITIONING heat and complete.

Hot air when its physical traits are identified that many visible visible, e.g. small air pipes are not cold, cold small pipe large pipe but not too cold, not the compressor sound when turned on etc. Part of the small pipe AIR CONDITIONING not cold caused by the compressor is not working. And can also be caused because the refrigerant freon/less. If large AIR CONDITIONING not cold pipe can also be caused because the compressor is already weak.
The following factors cause and handling way of air not cold just out of the wind.

1. Remote air conditioning

Settings/remote settings could cause the wrong AC AIR CONDITIONING not cold or just get out of the wind only. . For remote AIR CONDITIONING mode that usually have a dry mode, auto, and cool. But it can also be the symbol. For his alphabet symbol was not found. If you want to setup a cold Set mode setting on auto or cold. If it is dry then it is not the cold wind out only the alias only. Because in setting mode dry then the compressor or blower is not alive. But if we are setting auto or cool it doesn't directly cool but it took a few minutes of pool or AIR CONDITIONING compressor is turned on. But there are some brands of AIR CONDITIONING can simply turn on.


    thermistor in air conditioning functions as a regulator of the temperature on the unit air conditioning if the room temperature has been reached then the thermistor will disconnect the current to the pool so that the pool stops working and when the temperature has gone up then the thermistor will work again and turn on the outdoor unit but if thermistor is damaged the outdoor units are usually dead or alive will die and cause ac not cold.

3. reduced freon or exhausted

     The reduced pressure of freon to limit can cause AIR CONDITIONING not cold and wind that just came out. Even if the freon is reduced in level below minimum limits could result in lumps of ice that covers all the surface of the evaporator, so air circulation-taking in calories do not occur, and eventually resulted in the leakage of water in the AIR CONDITIONING indoor section. Especially if freon AIR CONDITIONING runs out at all resulted in AIR CONDITIONING not cold.

4. compressor the compressor overheat or die

     As the heart of an air conditioner compressor functioning pumping freon circulation to all pipeline installations AIR CONDITIONING from the condenser to evaporator and return to the compressor. If the compressor will not produce automatic dead cold. To sign the compressor dead we can look at the outdoor air conditioning, from outdoor AIR CONDITIONING vibration also feels, if the compressor is dead then the getarannya will be a little smoother because of the vibration only fan or blower fan pool AIR CONDITIONING only. The dead can disebakan compressor because of several factors one of his is running capacitor damaged.

That's some of the things that cause air conditioning which is not cool and just get out of the wind alone is easy-I hope this article could be useful
Winter greetings

Kita akan membahas faktor faktor penyebab AC panas dan penyelesaiannya.
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